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The logo represents a strong network and solidarity of the 31 cities and countries within the province as well as a robust network in the globalized 21st century.
Also, the logo characterizes a dynamism that is reaching out to the world in search of limitless growth potential and opportunity.
Furthermore, it reflects the province's ambition to promote co-existence among all peoples, paving the way by first overcoming the regional and class conflicts in Korea, and then expanding to the world.

Symbol of the Province

  • Cinkgo
    A gingko tree endures hardship and has a very long life. Its grand and magnificent appearance symbolizes great prosperity.
    The tree also yields high quality wood and fruit.
    A gingko tree is one of the most admired trees with its fresh verdure and splendid yellow
  • Forsythia
    A great number of forsythia grow in the area of Gyeonggi and they multiply easily.
    They symbolize prosperity as well as friendliness, gaiety and grace.
  • Dove
    As the dove symbolizes peace worldwide, it also represents the citizens' aspirations for peace and their hope for the peaceful unification of Korea.