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Lee Choon Hee
Mayor of Sejong Special Self-Goveming City
Lee Choon Hee
  • Ph.D. in Urban Studies, Hanyang University
  • Chairman, Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency
  • Vice Minister, Ministry of Construction & Transportation


Concept : To accentuate the fact that Sejong is the first city whose name is made up of pure Korean words, the Korean alphabet 'ㅅ' was borrowed for the emblem. The overall shape is also associated with a traditional Korean roof tile, embodying an optimal living environment that enhances citizen happiness.
The emblem combines the four trigrams shown in the Korean national flag, which imply harmony, integration, creation and development, and embraces the aspiration of steering the balanced progress of Korea. Its role as an administrative capital is expressed.
The eave that curves upward signifies our strong willingness to move toward a bright future and become an exemplary model on the global stage.

Symbol of the Province

  • Pine Tree
    Pine Tree
    The upright, handsome posturing of pine trees has represented the upright spirit of Koreans since ancient times. Commonly observed across the country, pine trees symbolize Sejong's lofty, upright spirit and its goal to become a world-class, happy city for citizens.
  • Peach Blossom
    Peach Blossom
    Peach blossoms represent good luck and vitality full of hope. They are major local products in Sejong and represent Sejong's transformation into a world-class city as well as the city's commitment to co-prosperity with neighboring localities.
  • Dollarbird
    Dollarbirds represent Sejong's dedication to the pursuit of happiness for citizens and becoming an ideal city with bright future. Although they are said to reside across the country, they are summer migratory birds that are rarely seen.