Local Government Cooperation

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  2. Local Government Cooperation

Local Government Cooperation

General Meeting · Working Level Meeting

Governors Association of Korea aims to contribute to a balanced development of the local society and establish the foundation for a healthy local government by strengthening cooperation and interaction between cities and provinces as well as discuss common challenges of the local governments during the General Meeting and the Working Level Meetings

General Meeting

  • Period :General Meetings are conducted in two ways : regular session and special session.
    Regular sessions are held twice a year(February, July).
  • Participants : Governors and mayors from 17 metropolitan cities and provinces
  • Function : General Meeting is a decision making body that is responsible for reviewing and approving the following;
    • Work plan and proposed projects concerning cities and provinces
    • Enact article of association
    • Approve appointment of the chairman of the special committee
    • Issues concerning the election of the committee members
    • Budgets and balancing accounts
    • Other key issues concerning the operation and management of the association

Working Level Meeting

  • Period :Working level meetings are held before the opening of the General meeting (if necessary, only working level meeting can be held).
  • Participants :Executive Directors of planning department from the 17 cities and provinces
  • Function :Working level meetings, which is conducted in order to operate the Association and support the general meeting, is responsible for reviewing and approving the following;
    • Proposed projects for cities and provinces
    • Enactment and reforming of the regulations other than the article of association
    • Secretariat’s budget, confirming accounts, contribution from the cities and provinces
    • Screening and voting for matters that relate to special accounts.
    • Proposed agendas that require special approval from the assembly
    • Other key issues concerning the operation and management of the association and the secretariat

Strengthening Cooperation with Relevant Organizations

To jointly respond with various local issues through close collaboration with metropolitan cities & provinces, city & county & districts and the council. Furthermore, construct cooperative system to build awareness of local policy and provide solutions to current issues.


Held on a quarterly basis to provide solutions and share ideas on the current local issues with the four major local associations(Governors Association of Korea, National Association of Mayors, Association of Metropolitan and Provincial Council Chair, National Council Association of Chairmans), Ministry of Interior, Seoul office of Cities and province etc.