1. City and Province Information
  2. Busan


Park Heong-joon
The Mayor of Busan Park Heong-joon
  • Secretary General of National Assembly Secretariat
  • Member(Congressman), 17th National Assembly


TThe upper triangle represents the universe, space and creation, and the lower triangle means the sea and background. The two waves represent the city's internationalization. The whole image symbolizes balance and vitality.

Symbol of the Province

  • Camellia
    TCity tree : Designated on July 1. 1978
    City flower : Designated on March 1. 1970
    The balance of dark green leaves and pink flowers conveys the spirit of the warm hearted citizens. The brilliant ,fresh and deep green foliage of the trees symbolizes the youth and ambition of the people of Busan
  • Seagull
    Designated on July 1. 1978
    The white wings of the seagull represent purity and peace, reflecting the traditional mind of Koreans.