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Song Cheol-ho
The Mayor of Ulsan Song Cheol-ho
  • M.A. in Policy Studies, University of Ulsan Graduate School
  • Former Chairperson, Ombudsman of Korea
  • Former Adviser, Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development


This logo is designed in the shape of Hobup Dragon, the protector of Taewhasa, Hoguk Dragon of King Munmoo and Cheo Dragon, the child of the King of the Dragons, the three guardian angels of Ulsan and the symbol of the East Sea.
The seeming ascendance to heaven by the dragon with yeouijoo represents the progressive spirit of Ulsan.
This is powerfully displayed on a stationary platform in triangular form, which represents Mt. Muryong and Mt. Gaji Ulsan.

Symbol of the Province

  • BamBoo
    The Taehwagang River, the lifeline of Ulsan, is a world-class urban ecological river. Along the river is the Simnidaebat Field (100,000m2) decorated with 63 species of bamboo that have become a matter of civic pride and the landmark of Ulsan as an ecological, industrial city.
  • Rose
    Downtown Ulsan is decorated with roses exuding romantic scents. The Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival, the largest rose festival in Korea, also offers a dazzling array of 1.2 million roses across the city.
  • White Heron
    White Heron
    Ulsan, full of the vitality of people and nature, is home to the largest white heron habitat in Korea. It is also invaluable because it is the only sanctuary residing in the city. Ulsan is the only city where visitors can witness white herons playing together and seven different types of white herons, all in one place.
  • Toward The Sun Ocean
    Toward The Sun Ocean
    The tower symbolizes the harmony of one million citizens, the history of locality and the possibility of future-orientated growth.