Organization Chart

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Organization Chart



Secretary General Office

Secretary General Office
Official title Name Phone number E-Mail
Secretary General Jeon, Seong Hwan 02-2170-6001 E-Mail

Decentralization and Policy Bureau

Decentralization and Policy Bureau
Official title Name Phone number E-Mail
Director General of Decentralization Policy Bureau - 02-2170-6051 E-Mail
Decentralization Dept. Director KIM JUNG SUK 02-2170-6061 E-Mail
Asst. director Lee Myungkee 02-2170-6062 E-Mail
Asst. director KIM EUN JEONG 02-2170-6064 E-Mail
Asst. director Jung Sungnam 02-2170-6067 E-Mail
Asst. director HEO SONG KEUN 02-2170-6065 E-Mail
Asst. director Kang Ji Hye 02-2170-6063 E-Mail
Policy Research Office Head of Office Park, Kwan-Kyu 02-2170-6050 E-Mail
Local Fiscal Research Dept. Director
Associate Research Fellow LEE WOOJUNG 02-2170-6057 E-Mail
Asst. director LEE BYONG CHUL 02-2170-6054 E-Mail
Decentralization Legislation Research Dept. Director Kim Sooyeon 02-2170-6052 E-Mail
Asst. director Park Younkyu 02-2170-6056 E-Mail
Associate Research Fellow KIM HEE JIN 02-2170-6058 E-Mail
Self-governing Administration Research Dept. Director Yoon Taewoong 02-2170-6053 E-Mail
Asst. director KIM CHOUNG SIN 02-2170-6059 E-Mail
Associate Research Fellow Yoon Phil Hwan 02-2170-6055 E-Mail

Administration Management Bureau

Administration Management Bureau
Official title Name Phone number E-Mail
Director General of Administration Management Bureau Lee Sun Geun 02-2170-6010 E-Mail
General Affairs Dept. Director JEONG KYEONG HEE 02-2170-6011 E-Mail
Asst. director JEONG ABIN 02-2170-6012 E-Mail
Asst. director - 02-2170-6013 E-Mail
Manager Cho Sukyung 02-2170-6014 E-Mail
Manager Hwang Seongju 02-2170-6015 E-Mail
Education and

Public Relations Dept.
Director SONG EUN JU 02-2170-6091 E-Mail
Asst. director Wee Soowoon 02-2170-6093 E-Mail
Asst. director PARK YEONG JIN 02-2170-6094 E-Mail
Manager Kim Jinju 02-2170-6095 E-Mail
Inter-Korean Relations Dept. Director PARK CHAN SUK 02-2170-6021 E-Mail
Asst. director BAG JI YOUNG 02-2170-6023 E-Mail
Asst. director JUN EUN JEONG 02-2170-6022 E-Mail
External Relations Dept. Director LEE YONG KOO 044-867-9161 E-Mail
Asst. director Kang Changseuk 044-867-9162 E-Mail

Glocalization Bureau

Glocalization Bureau
Official title Name Phone number E-Mail
Director General of Glocalization Bureau YANG JOONG MO 02-2170-6030 E-Mail
Glocal Empowerment Dept. Director Park Chanhoon 02-2170-6031 E-Mail
Head Manager Yoo Changdae 02-2170-6032 E-Mail
Senior Manager Sophia Park 02-2170-6033 E-Mail
Manager Lim Tae Yeon 02-2170-6034 E-Mail
Int'l Cooperation Dept. Director Kim Jinah 02-2170-6041 E-Mail
Senior Manager Stella Jeon 02-2170-6042 E-Mail
Senior Manager Maria Kim 02-2170-6043 E-Mail
Senior Manager Park Jiwon 02-2170-6045 E-Mail

Overseas Office

Overseas Office
Official title Name Phone number E-Mail
Japan Counsellor Hwang Myung Seok 81-3-6400-0637 E-Mail
Head Manager LEE Gwihoe 81-3-6400-0639 E-Mail
2nd Secretary Kim Tae Soo 81-3-6400-0638 E-Mail
China Counsellor Park Byung Eun 86-10-8531-0634 E-Mail
Head Manager LI Meishan 86-10-8531-0694 E-Mail
3rd Secretary Lee, Tae Heon 86-10-8531-0631 E-Mail
Manager Ko Keum Bong 86-10-8531-0765 E-Mail
Australia Consul Cho Su-chang 61-2-9210-0216 E-Mail
SENIOR Manager CHA Young 61-2-9210-0228 E-Mail
Vice Consul Yeyeong Jeon 61-2-9210-0226 E-Mail
U.S.A Director - 1-646-674-6006 E-Mail
Consul Lee Kyungho 1-646-674-6007 E-Mail
Senior Manager Minji Ham 1-646-674-6008 E-Mail
France Counsellor SONG, Jeong Jae 331-4753-6970 E-Mail
Head Manager KIM Hyoungjin 331-4753-6976 E-Mail
3rd Secretary LEE, Donghyeon 331-4753-6669 E-Mail
UK Counsellor - 44-20-7227-5551 E-Mail
Manager Jang Soojin 44-20-7227-5500 E-Mail
  • Facsimile :
  • Address :
    15F, 106, Seosomun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04513

  • Facsimile(Sejong) :
  • Address(Sejong) :
    3F, 358, Galmae-ro, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea 30121